4 days retreat, Karystos - Evia
May 25, 2023
- May 28, 2023

Join me for a “REFRESH YOURSELF” yoga retreat at Villa Kasteli in the heart of a small Greek  mountain village.

A peaceful, idyllic fairy tale overlooking an ancient Venetian Castle and the beautiful bay of Karystos.

The perfect place to getaway!

Drop your baggage at the door and forget about life back home.

Nature, movement, relaxing massages, rest?

Whatever it is you need!

🌜 Fall asleep to gentle silence and wake up to mountain sounds and smells of the quit village.

🌼 Reconnect to nature, to yourself, to your ideal state of being!

💦 Dive into the crystal clear water of the waterfalls and have a cathartic experience from head to toe and in the sea water to refresh and absorb all the benefits of the salty cold water

🧘‍♀️ yoga & meditation to move your body and calm the mind

🍅 Delicious local food with fresh ingredients from the garden

Enjoy the most rejuvenating, uplifting me time yoga retreat to awaken your spirit, to balance body and mind.


This retreat includes:


Kundalini is the greatness of which we are each capable. It is about the unfolding of our true nature.

Is the awakening of the unlimited potential that already exists in every human. It is the awakening of the self and thus Kundalini yoga is often referred to as the yoga of awareness. It is normal capacity that most of us are simply not utilizing – it is the goal of all yoga!


Slow paced yoga. A gateway to a way of life filled with more relaxation, greater mindfulness and less stress.

While other yoga styles might push you to strengthen and tone your body, Yin yoga invites you to be exactly as you are! Yin yoga focuses on stretching deeper connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons and deep fascia(the tissue that surrounds muscles). This deeper connection is why Yin yoga is often called “YOGA OF THE JOINTS”

Meet your Teacher

I am Martha, a passionate yoga teacher and always a student!

My love at first sight is Kundalini yoga and it happened to me in the year of 2014, when i attended my 200hours yoga teacher training with Semperviva Yoga studios – best life experience ever – with my beloved and tremendous inspiring teacher GLORIA LATHAM (Global Master of Kundalini yoga)!

My journey in yoga started many years ago, attended classes, workshops, retreats and personal training at home!

At a critical point in my life I decided to be a part of 200hours Teacher Training to go inward and get in touch with myself (never ending healing process). I never thought to become a yoga teacher or owner of a yoga studio though, all came afterwards! Not long after graduating I opened a yoga studio called “Happy Yogi” that lasted for about 5 years because life changes in unexpected ways. So i changed direction…in organizing yoga retreats/yoga holidays, online lessons and workshops,  inspiring people to give more life into their lives, go inward, uplift and calm the mind! All the previous years i have attended many workshops, retreats and teacher training in order to complete another 200hours diploma in Kundalini Teaching!

In the meantime I fell in love with Yin yoga too! For me it was the best combination (YIN & YANG) with the energetic practice of Kundalini yoga, to stretch my body and calm the mind with yin yoga, so i dedicated my practice and my training to yin yoga too… live in my studio and online Teacher Training too, to get the most of it!!

I will confess that yoga helped me to find balance in my life, to have a stronger mind and body and find peace and joy from the inside!!
“Sharing is Caring” so i would like to share my knowledge and experience after all these years, to make people feel better, love better, sleep better to find balance, inner peace and strength!

Get ready to move your body and connect to yourself.
Alone or with your beloved one come and enjoy “Yoga holidays” or attend my “Live or Online Lessons” to recharge your body, uplift your mind and enlighten your soul with Yoga and Meditation!







* Martha’s first encounter with Kundalini yoga was in 2014 in Greece and since then she has not stopped practicing Kundalini Yoga.Martha is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor in yoga (RYS 200) and 200 hours Kundalini yoga teacher training – taught by Gloria Latham at Semperviva Yoga Centers. Her classes are for all levels and are taught either in English or Greek language.
EARLY BIRD till end of April
PAY IN FULL till 15 of May

A typical day includes:

  • 8:30 - 10:00 kundalini morning yoga class (energizing using breath work & meditation)
  • 10:00-11:00 brunch in the villa
  • 11:00- 18:00 free time for  rest or for extra activities (one day we are visiting the waterfalls and the next the beautiful blue lagoon beach)
  • 18:00-19:00 afternoon yoga class (slow paced yin yoga for a restful sleep)
  • 19:30 dinner (2 dinners in the villa & 1 dinner out to the bay of Karystos to a beautiful local restaurant)

Included in the price

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • 6 yoga classes
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 3 dinners

The retreat officially starts 25/5 Thursday at 18:00 with a yin yoga class and ends on Sunday 28/5 after brunch!

Pricing & Booking

May 25, 2023 to
May 28, 2023
200€ required to book your spot!