May 8, 2023
- May 17, 2023

The Chakra Journey

Spring Boost Intensive Kundalini Yoga Workshop
8 Classes, 8 Chakras!

Open your chakras with kundalini yoga, pranayama techniques, Kriyas, mantras, Mudra and meditation.


Days: 8,9,10,11,12,15,16,17 of May 2023. Time: 9:00-10.15 am (Greek Daylight Saving Time Zone: GMT+3). Duration of class: 1hour & 15 min. Each class starts with a self centered mantra, then a kriya(set of exercises), relaxation and meditation..

I invite you to join me in this spiritual journey to awaken and balance your chakras!

Why to participate?

Making the commitment with yourself to be a part of this journey you will feel more


How chakras work?

Each chakra is a vortex of energy that generates a unique pattern and vibration that computes our mental, emotional and physical state. This in turn determines:
1/ what we attract and repel
2/ How we behave, think and feel
3/ How energy flows through or gets stuck in our body/psyche
4/ The nature and explanation of the information that we receive

The nature of our energy flow, whether it is dormant, stuck or free flowing, is encoded in our chakras. These patterns are influenced by subconscious programming, which is perpetuated(make something continue) by repetitious thoughts, feelings and actions. We are all trapped in our thought patterns and tied to habitual behaviors and ways of doing things. Some habits support us and reflect our basic nature, some are learned and must be released or elevated to serve us. Our spiritual journey is about releasing dysfunctional, negative and sabotaging programs by realigning and harmonizing with the higher frequencies of our core energies.

Value of working with our chakras

The chakra system is an invaluable tool for self- analysis and development. It offers us a blueprint of our basic structure — body, mind, emotions and soul — and helps us understand our basic nature as well as the causes and results of our human experience.
As we understand and activate our chakras, we experience not only the interaction between the various aspects of our being, we begin to appreciate our mind/body as the home of our soul.

Why I offer you this?

I offer you this workshop to inspire you to embrace your human journey with the knowledge that you can awaken to an expanded reality of who you are and why you are here. I will share techniques that can create profound transformation in your life. With devoted practice you can experience the power of love that is your soul.
Awaken to your true nature, your true self who you really are!

The “Chakra Journey” offers a perspective of life that can change how you feel about yourself and your life challenges, and that can change how you participate in your daily routine.

I send blessings to everyone and encourage you to love your uniqueness, to find the passion of your soul and to welcome the richness of your human life!


Meet your Teacher

I am Martha, a passionate yoga teacher and always a student!

My love at first sight is Kundalini yoga and it happened to me in the year of 2014, when i attended my 200hours yoga teacher training with Semperviva Yoga studios – best life experience ever – with my beloved and tremendous inspiring teacher GLORIA LATHAM (Global Master of Kundalini yoga)!

My journey in yoga started many years ago, attended classes, workshops, retreats and personal training at home!

At a critical point in my life I decided to be a part of 200hours Teacher Training to go inward and get in touch with myself (never ending healing process). I never thought to become a yoga teacher or owner of a yoga studio though, all came afterwards! Not long after graduating I opened a yoga studio called “Happy Yogi” that lasted for about 5 years because life changes in unexpected ways. So i changed direction…in organizing yoga retreats/yoga holidays, online lessons and workshops,  inspiring people to give more life into their lives, go inward, uplift and calm the mind! All the previous years i have attended many workshops, retreats and teacher training in order to complete another 200hours diploma in Kundalini Teaching!

In the meantime I fell in love with Yin yoga too! For me it was the best combination (YIN & YANG) with the energetic practice of Kundalini yoga, to stretch my body and calm the mind with yin yoga, so i dedicated my practice and my training to yin yoga too… live in my studio and online Teacher Training too, to get the most of it!!

I will confess that yoga helped me to find balance in my life, to have a stronger mind and body and find peace and joy from the inside!!
“Sharing is Caring” so i would like to share my knowledge and experience after all these years, to make people feel better, love better, sleep better to find balance, inner peace and strength!

Get ready to move your body and connect to yourself.
Alone or with your beloved one come and enjoy “Yoga holidays” or attend my “Live or Online Lessons” to recharge your body, uplift your mind and enlighten your soul with Yoga and Meditation!







* Martha’s first encounter with Kundalini yoga was in 2014 in Greece and since then she has not stopped practicing Kundalini Yoga.Martha is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor in yoga (RYS 200) and 200 hours Kundalini yoga teacher training – taught by Gloria Latham at Semperviva Yoga Centers. Her classes are for all levels and are taught either in English or Greek language.
Cost 80 euro. Special price for the participants of the last workshop “The Ten Bodies” is 50euros.
You can only participate for the whole workshop and in case you miss a class recordings will be available!

Pay 80€ & register online

Participation to "The Chakra Journey" workshop, May 2023

Pay 50€ & register online

Special price for the participants of the last workshop “The Ten Bodies”

Please read reservation / payment instructions in the mail you will receive from us.